Tridek One is aiming to develop immunomodulatory compounds targeting the CD31 pathway. Tridek One is a biopharmaceutical company pioneering a new class of therapeutics that can reestablish a physiological process of regulation of the immune response on activated cells.

The company was incorporated in 2018 from the decades of work of the scientific founders focusing on the central role of CD31 in the immune response.

Besides its known role in cell adhesion, CD31 is primarily a down modulator of immune cell activation and an up modulator of vascular cell survival and barrier functions, both desirable in moderating unwanted inflammation while avoiding a total blockade of the immune response. Tridek-One is developing new therapeutic modalities that target and stabilize CD31 clusters, thus upholding its signaling beyond the occurrence of its shedding in stimulated cells. Of note, such a strategy sustains a key physiologic immunoregulatory pathway and does not carry an over-suppression of the immune system as is the case with current therapies.
Our preclinical studies have demonstrated an efficacy of this strategy on several model of immuno-inflammatory diseases.